Israeli Salad

This summer, my boyfriend’s garden has been churning out cucumber and red onion faster than I know what to do with them. He’s a freak for cukes (he loves any watery vegetable) and I can’t help but think they’re kind of boring. While I know they have their health benefits (what are they again…?), I can really only associate them with the smell of a 1989 sleepover at Ali Brill’s house where we generously applied a Freeman’s Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask to (probably not just) our faces and then spent the next 30 minutes  feeling phenomenally womanly. However, there is one way I enjoy my cucumber and that’s chopped up in an Israeli salad. And on muggy summer days like these, you gotta believe that a salad is what it’s in the bag.

What do you do with your cucumbers?