Channeling my Inner Green Goddess

Every once in a while my boyfriend and I will throw down in the kitchen. I’d say most of the time our arguments revolve around “cooking over one’s shoulder” (i.e. Shouldn’t you turn the flame down on that? Why are you cutting it that way? Don’t you think it should be spicier?) but tonight’s match boiled down to tidiness. There he was using up half the kitchen to make a rocking pot of gumbo, and there I was using the other half to make a pretty! kale salad. Yes, my avocado skins were staining the counter and my carrot leaves were strewn about, but his space was a disaster, and I kept having to wash his pans to make room for my dishes. And then my salad was done… but his gumbo was still gumbo-ing… and I was hungry… and he was mad about something that happened yesterday… and… I had to channel my inner goddess not to strangle him. Now I know green goddess dressing is a dressing consisting of mayonnaise, sour cream, chives and anchovies, but I feel like those ingredients ARE AWFUL and I think I would smell like the complete opposite of a goddess if I splashed it over my pretty! kale salad. (Plus, any chance of making up with my man tonight would be out the door.)