A Food Poem for a Snow Day

Buttered toast is the most

Mac and cheese, Michael, please

Texas chili in my belly

Peanut butter, honey, jelly

Roasted squash for the bite

Sauce and parm will make it right  

Tea with lemon in just seconds

Bowl of berries, yogurt beckons

Fish fry, pad thai, take a bite, pizza pie

Soppressata, cutting board, soft baguette, take some more

Saag paneer, a good dark beer, warm the oven would you dear?

Noodle kugel, cottage cheese, don't forget the sour cream

Chocolate cake, it's time to bake

Grill some garlic, hanger steak

Balsamic drizz on brussels sprouts, hot smoked salmon, baked whole trout

Shot of scotch, boiling pot, do you good to never watch

Chorizo spicy with some beans

Wipe your hands right on your jeans

Chinese food, from the carton

Don't you miss the farmer's garden?

Cocoa powder in a cup, heat the milk, you know what's up

Close the kitchen, dim the lamp 

Watch some TV like a champ.