As long as he does not have to sit still and think, he feels ridiculous relief. Poor guy who is trapped mainly by wanting things to stay exactly the same, just better, he adds salt to the same old foods when it is not really needed. He thinks the meatballs could use some but he is always wrong. Slowly, without warning, he is tricking himself. Also, there is an ungrateful nature to him. The quiet times in his life, he has no tolerance for, and so he makes sure to bang things together frequently, not paying attention to rhythm. He refuses his own thoughts and denies them like a liar. Treats time like a conspiracy and moves street signs around when no one is looking. Sees a heck of a lot in short moments but will not share a damn thing. Cluttered with too much stuff, he will walk into strange swimming pools to be rid of it all, and then be on his way. He is a hard person to have shared a womb with.