Put it on the Menu

There’s not going to be much to write about some days. Just like there’s not always going to be something to talk about either. I spent the day trying to hone in on something specific worth mentioning but now that night is here, and the pan I cooked bok choy and white beans in (vegetarian entrée!) is washed, and my hair is shampooed, and all of my Words with Friends moves have been made, I guess I’m supposed to write a little something about something even though I’ve been nixing the thoughts in my head all day.

After a really good brunch at Public on Elizabeth Street with my whole family + my uncle Kenny and cousin Carly, at around a quarter to 3 in the afternoon, Max and I spat it out on the corner of Crosby and Prince while Amy, Michael, and my parents watched, semi-unclear as to what the issue was (or at least Michael was unclear because when we walked away he said something along the lines of “I have no idea what that was about.”) - the six of us standing there on this small, cobblestoned corner, like a family of tourists squabbling over who should hold the map, except we knew exactly where we were and where we were going. (Well, Max, Amy, and my parents had plans to “stroll around,” but Michael and I were headed back to Brooklyn to go for runs.) We argued about something dumb until my dad joked that I should “put it in the blog!” and as soon as Max repeated him with “yeah, put it in the blog…” I knew I was not going to put it in the blog.

Back to brunch. I’d like to say a little something about NYC brunch in 2012, and now 2013. As much as I love hollandaise and bacon, pancakes and french toast, fruit salad and scones… I am tired of these options. There, I said it! Can we put new things on the menus? For example, my first example, enough with the hollandaise and bacon. True, it is delicious, and I’d like to be eating a plate of it in bed right now, but why do we act as if this is the only delicious egg & meat dish to serve? I never see interesting scrambles on the menu. It’s always pancakes and fruit. Why not pancakes with shredded beets or spaghetti squash? I think both of those dishes would be nice.  And it’s always ricotta cheese with pancakes. Why not warm, creamy brie? Or a nice, sharp cheddar? How come chefs aren’t playing around with cereal? You know what I think would be delicious? (And the kids will love this.) A bowl of Cheerios and milk, drizzled with chocolate syrup and sliced strawberries. Who doesn’t like watching milk turn into chocolate milk? On Christmas, Michael’s mom took my dad’s leftover spaghetti with pine nuts, broccoli, and raisins and made spaghetti pie for breakfast. (See below.) Two ingredients: Leftover spaghetti. Eggs. Five words: Put it on the menu.