Invisible Weapon

You – the girl in his background. Texting away. Wow. I’m sorry - Who are you? He introduced you all bored and weird, said “this is Marissa” and then focused on popping the beer cap with his lighter. The cap skipped across the table and you were the only one who laughed like it was funny. Was it funny? You do realize that I hate you because I like him. You met him here after your psychology class. He told you “watch for a bit and when the blinds go up, you can buy in.”  You said “Cool.” Is it cool? I would suggest buying in now and learning now. But I want your money. That is just me. I am guessing he just wants your body. That was mean. You are sitting background in a butterfly chair – a silly, dorm room butterfly chair that he pulled up for you without realizing that you can barely see our table. The cards, the chips, the bluffing – it is all on the table and you can barely see it because you are sitting background in a butterfly chair. Your girlness is creeping up around my King Queen Suited and that, Marissa, is your invisible weapon. Get that girlness out of here.